Introducing: Wiro Academy

Its been months in the making but we are finally there.

Together with the teams from Wiro Agency and BLACK LABEL UK, we have completed phase one of the launch of Wiro Academy!

Wiro Academy has been developed as a resource hub for graphic designers and agency owners. We are cramming it full of useful resources that you can take full advantage of such as books, downloadable assets, resources, and tips and tricks with plenty more to come. We aren’t just saying this because we have been part of the development, but you need to check this out and share it with your graphic design buddies.

Along with the launch we also have our very own discount code that you can take advantage of. If you use the discount ACESPACE15 at the checkout, you will receive a one time 15% discount off your entire order. A cheeky tip here is to place as much into that first order as possible for the biggest possible discount but shhh we didn’t tell you that!


Let us know what you would like to see next by dropping us a comment below.

Steps you can take now to protect your business

Steps you can take now to protect your business

These are unusual times.

Well, then. Who could have predicted a wet market in Wuhan would impact the workers and businesses of Leicester, 5498 miles away, in such a bewildering way? Being in business is often about adapting to adversity. Coping with the unexpected. Responding to change.
Bold entrepreneurs do not lack spirit or ingenuity. There will be disruption of course. But when we pull together, we’ve shown we can rise to the challenge. Every business across the country has a role to play. It’s business as unusual. But we need to keep the wheels of commerce in motion and together we’ll get through this.

Navigate every visitor safely

With many businesses changing the way they work, they may need to change access to their premises. Maybe teams and service staff will be working from home. Way-finding soft signage can make these changes clearer, and help people to understand what to do and where to go.

Clearly display your information

Clarity is sanity. Keep everyone informed by publishing key messages on posters. They can be used to offer advice and reassurance internally, or to communicate to the outside world.

If you’re open for business, you can use large format posters to advertise that. Similarly, if you’ve temporarily relocated or changed opening hours, a nicely designed poster can let customers know how to get in touch. Remember to include phone numbers, social media and web addresses.

Send direct mail

With more people working from home, residential leaflet drops make even more sense. Folded leaflets can go through the post without an envelope, and allow more space for you to deliver your message.

Captivate a captive audience to reinvigorate this incredibly effective direct response marketing.

Brand those boxes

Lots of shops, cafés and restaurants are moving swiftly to offer home delivery. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to brand packaging, you can adorn bland boxes with branded stickers to really shout about your business and deliver a great-looking on brand experience.

Don’t allow cartons to be inconspicuous. You could include a thank you note, reorder offer or simply embellish with a logo.

Now what?

Business is hurting. Our industry may never be the same again. There will be casualties. But this pandemic will end. Every recession resets the old order. Turnover migrates to businesses left standing.

What will clients want when we come out the other side? Nobody can be certain. But it’s likely more marketing will be online. Businesses will be investing in websites, online booking and e-commerce. More digital marketing, more search engine optimisation (SEO) and more email campaigns.

Are you ready? If not, how will you spend the next 12 weeks? Catching up on boxsets, or learning new skills? Cat videos? Or mastering high-margin e-commerce sites?