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Looking After Your Business During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis

Today, in this current crisis we find ourselves in, your employees’, clients’ and the community’s wellbeing is of the utmost importance, nothing is more paramount. Nevertheless, many businesses are still running be it at a much-reduced rate or for those key businesses, at normal capacity or beyond, life does go on. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has had devastating effects on an international scale, with almost every country having now reported cases of the virus, bringing a vast number of businesses to a standstill.

Here at Acethespace Design, we are still putting in every effort to support our clients, albeit from isolation, but like most, we have also felt huge impacts on our ability to continue in the current situation. If you do have any worries or questions we are here for you to reach out to, you can call us on 0116 212 3597 or get in touch here.The hardest-hit industries include restaurants, bars, travel, hotels and other small businesses in general. This may be a tough time for us all, but together we can work through this crisis and come out at the other side. But in this period of slowdown, there are plenty businesses can look at to ensure they come back stronger than ever.SEOAt times like this, it’s crucial to remember that SEO takes times. By focussing your spare time during this period on optimising your online presence, you can expect to reap boosts in your business numbers later on in this year once things start to get back on track. With so many businesses shutting up shop temporarily at this time, it leaves them time to crack on with building their online presence too, so it’s something to consider ensuring your businesses isn’t left behind once we get back to normal. Keep clients and employees up to date You may be in a state of lockdown, but it’s so important to keep clients, customer and employees in the know. They need to know what’s going on, the steps you are taking, but above all, show them that you care – wish them good health and be sure to put safeguards in place for these unprecedented times.A great way to do this is using a blog or dedicated page on your website giving updates as and when they are needed, this will also help your online efforts for search ranking by keeping content relevant whilst keeping your connection with customers strong.Don’t have a blog or staff area to your website? These can be vital tools in times like these, so maybe it’s time to consider getting something put in place, get in touch to find out how we can help.Looking at your websiteSo, you’re now working from home, well, it’s the ideal time for all things content. Auditing your website’s content is a lengthy task that can be a real challenge in a bustling office – but now you’ve got hours and hours of serene quiet, perfect for getting stuck in. Or, perhaps it’s come time to get your website revamped to help you bounce back from this crisis with a fresh, refined look by getting yourself a brand-new website while traffic is at a low.Stay positiveThis is all unprecedented and uncertain in how it is going to affect us both now and in the long run. If you are worried about how COVID-19 is going to affect your business, we advise you to check out the Government’s website for all the latest information and schemes being put in place to protect British businesses.Should you find yourself in a position of looking to use this period of downtime to overhaul any facet of your business be it your website, branding or anything else, get in touch with the team who are on hand to help you achieve greatness.

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