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Brochure Design

The latest issue of local coach day trip provider ClickTrips’ brochure.

work Outline

Having previously designed ClickTrips’ very first brochure towards the beginning of 2019, we were once again challenged to produce a design that would seamlessly fit into their branding, but offer a fresh concept for their latest trips brochure.

The Process

After some in-depth research and meetings to discuss potential concepts that would fulfil the goal, a provisional draft was made up, and once given the go-ahead the brochure was finalised, meeting their every expectation.

Project Overview

client: ClickTrips

services: Graphic Design

Date: 1 October 2019

Designed to engage

Using bright bold colours and simple flowing shapes makes for an eye-catching design with a touch of class created by the gradient effects throughout.

What ClickTrips Say

  We're absolutely thrilled and our customers love it!

So many people have commented to say what a beautiful brochure it is and how it far exceeds the mundane brochures you get from other trip providers. Cannot be happier with the results!

The ClickTrips Team

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