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Fleckney Group

Brochure Design

The 2019-20 edition brochure for local coach day trip provider Fleckney Group.

work Outline

Fresh off the back of a rebrand, the newly named Fleckney Group (formerly APCR) were all set for having their 2019-20 brochure design. A comprehensive brochure to showcase their roster of trips for the coming year along with company information and details.

The Process

Having worked with the client for many years already we knew exactly what they were after and got straight to it, designing a brochure to match their newly formed branding.

Project Overview

client: Fleckney Group

services: Graphic Design

Date: 17 July 2019

Silky calmness

We focused our efforts on carrying the silky calm feeling of the brand into the design, with smooth curves and soft gradients we kept the design on brand, with a clean and effortless tone.

What Fleckney Group Say

  Again, the best yet, the customers love it.

Everytime Acethespace nail exactly what we are going for and carry the branding perfectly. So many customers have received the new brochure and commented on how much they love it. Just perfect.

Michael Preston
Managing Director

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