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Charlie Raposo

Pro Skier Branding

A clean, sharp, adaptive brand design for GB professional alpine ski racer, Charlie Raposo.

work Outline

Charlie Raposo is one of GB’s top alpine ski racers with a strong drive in both his racing but also his personal identity.

Charlie was seeking to develop a brand for himself which would help elevate his career in alpine ski racing, as well as building himself a platform to promote himself for more than just skiing.

The branding needed to be clean, sharp and above all dynamic, offering a simple but bold approach that would represent him in his skiing, but with the adaptability to be used elsewhere outside of his skiing career.

The Process

We started by taking a look around other top skiers around Charlie, the approach they took and draw off the key areas that appealed to him.

Next we came up with various concepts along with various colour schemes, to be presented refined down to just a couple of Charlie’s favoured options for further development.

Once we had reached the final logo design the brand colour scheme was added and an overall brand style was designed to suit.

Project Overview

client: Charlie Raposo

services: Brand Design

Date: July 2018

Simple, but bold.

The key to this logo design is ‘identity’. It was pivotal that the design be based around Charlie’s initials, ‘CR’.

What Charlie Says

  a brilliant final product

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Acethespace. From when we first started many years ago they have been able to tackle any project with ease. Amazing team with a brilliant final product for any of their clients.

Charlie Raposo

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