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A website designed and developed for Ausden Clark Group, using an array of softwares including pure HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS – hosted and maintained to maximise overall versatility and functionality.

work Outline

Ausden Clark Group came to us in need of a total rebrand to freshen the business and portray a much more friendly and inviting image.

A major part of the rebrand was their website – it would require a total rebuild to bring it up to modern standards and compliance. This would aid both the visual appeal to customers, but also online presence through smart SEO throughout the site.

Along with the build, hosting and maintenance of the site was another need that would need to be provided for. 

The Process

After establishing the rebrand in terms of a new logo, colour palette, print media, social image and such – we moved onto developing an all-new website to continue to carry the new branding.

It was key that the design would continue the light, uplifting style with plenty of spacing, easy to follow blocks and an overall clean layout to ensure navigation was intuitive and information was interpreted with ease.

Once we had reached the final product a maintenance agreement was reach that meant Ausden Clark would not need to worry about updating the site and content themselves, as any changes would be taken care of along with hosting of the entire setup.

Project Overview

client: Ausden Clark Group

services: Web Design & Hosting

Date: May 2020

Branding, branding, branding

As one of Leicester most recognisable brands with their exuberantly vivd magenta pink livery, we ensured the website stuck by AC’s prominent branding.

What Ausden Clark Say

  The highest level of quality...

Acethespace Design have completely exceeded all expectations on this project. They’ve delivered us with not only a beautiful creation that covers ever ask but also outstanding results with initial analytics showing more than a 300% increase in customer visits.

Adam Frost
General Manager

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